A Wonderful Range of Activities

Available to all!

As you can see we have a wonderful range of both water and land based activities available to all. All of these activities are available to any visitor to the centre - whether you are visiting as part of a School Residential, a Family Summer Holiday, or a Daily Activity guest. You can choose to take part in any of the activities during your stay with us.

Our fully equipped activity centre sits in Bude in the heart of the rugged coastline of North Cornwall - overlooking the Atlantic coast and surrounded by the River Neet and Bude canal. This unique location provides the perfect setting for all of the adventure activities we have on offer!

Perfect for schools, families, friends, youth groups, or anyone looking for an exciting experience.

If you would like to find out more please don't hesitate to contact the centre.

  • Water Based Activities


Surfing is where it all began for Adventure Bude!

Surfing has always been one of the major attractions of a visit to us and it continues to be so. Summerleaze Beach is the perfect venue to take your first steps toward becoming an expert surfer - providing consistent, safe surfing conditions on a beautiful soft sandy beach, once you catch your first wave you'll be hooked!

Surfing is very much an individual challenge testing your determination, technique and balance. However once mastered it's something you will return to again and again and our surf school is the best place to start!


Our individual paddlesport activity!

Taking place on Bude Canal, our kayaking activity is the chance to captain your own craft. Emphasis on the individual in this activity provides an opportunity to test your self-motivation, reliance and determination whilst learning the skills of this exciting and dynamic sport.

Bude Canal provides a wonderful stretch of placid water in which to learn the skills of handling a kayak and also water safety and confidence. For those that have previous experience in paddle sport, B.C. training and assessments can be completed for a variety of awards for those at the required level.

Body Boarding

Ride the Swell!

An exhilarating and fun packed activity! Body Boarding takes place on the amazing Summerleaze beach just a mere 200m stroll from the centre. Summerleaze Beach is an ideal venue with a gently sloping sandy beach providing consistent safe conditions throughout the season.

All participants can quickly progress in this activity and achieve a high level of performance and enjoyment in a short period of time - providing a perfect introduction to wave-riding board sports!


Work together in this team paddlesport!

The historic Bude Canal is the perfect venue for our canoeing session, providing a safe, sheltered water environment for both beginners and improvers alike.

The canoe is a versatile craft which can be paddled solo or in a crew of two or three. This provides a wealth of options during the canoeing activity and individual skills can be taught giving the user all the skills needed to complete a simple journey. Once on board this development can also extend to team work and cooperation, which are essential to keep the craft stable and moving in the desired direction.

Dragon Boating

12 in a boat!

Again the idyllic surroundings of Bude's historic canal are used for this wonderful serene paddle sport activity.

Our Dragon Boats are large 14-person war canoes which allow the whole group to be on the water at the same time in the same craft. This ensures that both communication and co-operation amongst the group is required to ensure the craft makes smooth passage to the final destination.

Once reached, our exclusive destination can be used as a chance to recover and reflect on what has been covered on the way - or as an opportunity to take part in some fun and games. On the return leg, further skills can be taught to control the craft and other challenges set to test the group's new found team work.

  • Land Based Activities

High Ropes

Excitement and daring at Height!

Situated within the centre grounds is the high ropes course. This cleverly designed course has proved to be an outstanding success!

The freestanding rectangular course is divided into two sections using a Continuous Belay System which runs around the top of the course. Twelve metres up in the air, you are attached to a trolley and away you go around eight progressively more difficult challenges designed to test your confidence and resilience.

In the middle of the course are the specifically designed and selected team elements. These tasks test the team's ability to problem solve and work together. We have a range of activities ensuring all participants can achieve, develop and reach their goals.

Mountain Boarding

Ride the Hill!

A short stroll along Bude's historic canal towpath leads to our exclusive mountain boarding facility.

Set in beautiful farmland surroundings, our purpose-built site has a gently sloping aspect which provides a perfect venue for an introduction to this rapidly growing sport.

Your experienced and qualified instructors will teach you the basics of heel and toe J-turns to allow you to safely ride the hill before progressing onto power slides and weaving in and out of obstacles!


Problem solving at height!

Climbing takes place in our own specifically built climbing facility within the centre grounds.

This facility contains a 60ft multi-pitch climbing wall featuring 5 independent 'top-rope' lines with varying degrees of difficulty - allowing full inclusion for clients of all skill levels. There is also a bolted line to allow lead climbing and access to the belay ledge for those who excel.

The climbing facility also contains a large bouldering wall with new cave feature. This area has multiple uses - it allows more nervous clients the opportunity to experience climbing without the fear factor of height and also provides an area for developing climbing technique and strength before putting it to test on the main wall!


Dark and constricted face your fears!

Caving takes place in our own unique purpose built artificial caving system. This superb facility allows us to fully control the environment and allow each group member to experience the cave at their own rate.

Tight spaces in the dark can be a challenge for many, so teamwork and leadership are important skills for the group to master if they want to conquer the cave and complete the challenges set!

Team Trail

Work together to beat the trail!

Set within the centre grounds lays our Team Trail course. This session is based around our extensive assault course of challenging elements.

As the name suggests, the emphasis is on teamwork and challenges will be set to test both the mental and physical prowess of the group and the individuals within it. As the group makes its way around the course, the tasks will progressively become more and more difficult - testing the group's ability to work together and achieve the desired result.

Development Training Tasks

Physical and mental problem solving!

The centre has a wealth of resources at its disposal to provide a development training task for any group or ability range. The exact task to be used and the venue for it will depend wholly on the type of course and group. Instructors will carefully select the correct exercise to test group's and individual's strengths and weaknesses. The tasks will develop individuals and teams Leadership, Communication, Self Awareness and Team Work skills and highlight those that can be improved!

Navigation, Nature and Coastal Walks

Explore this wonderful landscape!

Location, location, location! What a venue for all of the above. The North Cornish coast is world famous for its coastal walks and the geology encountered in the surrounding area is breathtaking! Bude is situated right on the South West Coastal path and this can be utilised to the North and South for some fantastic coastal scenery. The nature of the North Cornish coast is also exceptionally diverse and unique. Again the coastal path and beaches can be used to investigate the wildlife of the sea and coast. The River Neet and Bude Canal host a huge amount of wildlife and the nature reserve between the two is an exceptional facility for this session. The basics of navigation can be taught anywhere but what a place to learn and to use those new found skills to explore and investigate the beautiful Cornish Coast.

All of the above activities take place either on site at the activity centre or a short walk away allowing maximum activity time for each session.

All of the activities adhere to the highest possible safety standards set by the relevant National Governing Bodies for each activity. The centre is a full member of B.A.P.A., an A.A.I.A.C. Adventure Mark holder, an L.O.T.C. quality badge holder, a member of the S.L.S.G.B. as well as being inspected by numerous Local Authorities. These all demonstrate that Adventure Bude is an activity holiday provider of the highest standard.

"When our students leave school at 18, they never fail to mention their year 7 trip to Bude as a highlight of their time at WGGS - that speaks volumes!"
Fiona Shore, Watford Girls Grammer School