Residential Activity Courses

Adventure International prides its self on being able to supply a course to meet any clients requirements. All of our activity courses can be tailor made to fit in with your requirements. The residential experience can be enjoyed by school groups, youth groups, families, corporate groups, sports clubs or any other group of people that are looking for adventurous activities and base from which to enjoy them.

Our residential activity courses traditionally begin with arrival on a Sunday afternoon and departure the following Friday. However as mentioned above if you wish to join us for a part week course or for a visit over the weekend then this can easily be arranged. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please use the options below to find further details of some of the more popular activity courses on offer at the adventure centre.

Multi Activity Holiday

The Multi-Activity holiday is the most popular course package provided by the adventure centre and is enjoyed by over 5000 clients a year! The majority of these clients are school groups joining us for a week of residential activities, however this week can be enjoyed by any type of group.

As you can see below the course consists of 10 main 2.5 hour activity sessions, 3 evening activity sessions, 4 evening entertainments and a daily morning run or swim.

Accommodation is provided for 5 nights and 15 meals are served throughout the course of your stay.

AM Activities PM Activities Evening Activities Evening Events
Sunday Arrive Intro & Fire Drill Disco
Monday Climb High Ropes Map Out Karaoke
Tuesday Abseil Mountain Bike Runaround now Fancy Dress/5 A-Side Football
Wednesday Body Board Canadian Canoeing Beach Games Talent Night
Thursday Team Trail Mountain Board Presentation Presentation
Friday Surf & Kayak Depart

Adventure International Primary

Wherever possible we attempt to book our weeks with similar aged groups of students. Primary weeks are available for those schools that wish to bring their Junior school children on a week with similar aged and minded groups. We realise that for some teachers and parents ensuring that all of the children at the centre are of a junior age is a big part of deciding which week to bring your group away. Therefore we have designated weeks throughout the season that are purely for junior aged school groups. Please contact the centre for the dates of these weeks for the forthcoming season.

Adventure International Secondary

Our most popular school residential course which has been the foundation for the continued success of Adventure International since 1980! When full the centre accommodates 360 secondary school children split into 30 tutor groups of 12 pupils. This is the basis for all of our residential multi-activity courses but is frequently the case on our Secondary school weeks. A huge part of the week is the opportunity for the students to be able to interact with other residents during their free time and meet people from all over the country. During a full week there can be anything from 3 to 9 differing school groups residing at the centre offering a unique experience to meet new people, share ideas and make new friends.

Adventure International SIXTH FORM

Throughout the course of the year we have a number of weeks dedicated solely to Sixth Form Groups. This decision has been made as these weeks often have a unique programme which is a combination of the Multi Activity and the Development Training Programme depending on where you would like the focus of the course to be. Some groups opt for a profile based approach which students can then use to aid with employment or U.C.A.S. applications. While others will go for a slightly more relaxed week with a focus on development training exercises but without the completion of the profile. Once again a programme can be designed to fit your exacting requirements.

Adventure International Field Studies

The Field Studies Activity course is a new addition to the options here at Adventure International.

The course is extremely flexible and can run anywhere from 1 to 5 days. As a party leader you can design the course to suit your exact requirements, from simply using Adventure International as your accommodation and home for the evening, or you may choose to include some of our activity sessions to supplement the field study sessions.

What you choose to include is entirely up to you! Please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Adventure International Development Training

The Development Training course is designed for both colleges and companies as it is these organisations that tend to gain the most from a course like this.

The course is designed to include both the general activity sessions that we do and also more team development work.

The sessions will not just be normal sessions during the week, they will be altered and tasks will be set to force the team in to having more responsibility for themselves as well as each other.

AM Activities PM Activities Evening Activities Evening Events
Sunday Arrive Course Intro & Paperwork Evening Social
Monday Climb Surfing D.T. Exercises Free Evening
Tuesday Abseil Kayaking Camp Navigation Walk Overnight Bivi
Wednesday Camp Navigation Walk Caving Search & Rescue Free Evening
Thursday Team Trail High Ropes Profile Completition Presentation & Social
Friday D.T. Exercises Depart

Adventure International Year Groups
Adventure International is in a unique position in that we are able to offer Multi Activity Residential trips to whole year groups and this is a course we have begun to specialise in. The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to bring a new year group away especially one that has just come together at the school. The time spent in a residential environment, working closely with their new year group members will develop the unity, teamwork and friendship of the group far more efficiently and quicker as the contact time in this environment is far greater than that of being in school. This really can provide the perfect start to a new school year with many schools mentioning that the unity and friendship within the school has a noticeable improvement after a week with us!

The PGCE course is designed for all of the students on the course to attend as early in the course as possible. A residential activity course here at the adventure centre can offer a unique start to any Post Graduate Certificate in Education course.

The course is designed with two distinct primary aims. The first is to give all of the participants a sound grounding in the basic skills of teaching including group control techniques, methods of delivery and an opportunity to address and teach groups of students. Secondary the course allows students to gain valuable experience toward the O.A.A. section of the National Curriculum.

There are also many other fringe benefits not least the opportunity for the course members to live and work together becoming a much tighter unit having numerous benefits on their return to University. Each student will also get to observe what effect an experience of this nature can have on individuals and the benefits it would have for their future students.

"All staff that we have encountered, have all had the perfect mix of professionalism, fun and approachability. Thanks to all staff for making this another fab visit to Adventure International."
Family Holiday, August Weeks