Adventure Internationals' philosophy is to make sure that all activities are accessible to everyone and that our clients are introduced to them in a safe, well-organised and professional manner. To achieve this we pride ourselves on the quality of the instructors that we recruit, and ensure that the training and employment package that we offer means that working for Adventure International is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

If you feel you can live up to this and want to have the experience of a lifetime then read on!

Adventure International employs approximately 45 instructional staff a season who are employed from the beginning of April till November (exact dates change annually). All contracts are full-time positions and the details are laid out in the "contract of employment" and the "work rules" which are issued to all staff members. Positions can be live-in or live-out depending on your preference.

We work hard to ensure that we comply with both the letter and the spirit of the National Minimum Wage Legislation without it affecting the freedom and diversity of this type of career. Also, a carefully laid out instructional programme is in place. However, due to the nature of the business and the varying needs of clients, this may change at times. Wherever possible these changes are notified in advance and the necessary adjustments made to your overall hours.

An area on which we pride ourselves is our uniform. All instructors are required to wear a uniform which is supplied by the Centre and has been designed to make our staff look professional and ensure that they are correctly equipped to work outdoors. The uniform includes everything from t-shirts to wetsuits so that our instructors are fully equipped for all sessions.

If what you have read interests you then do not hesitate to contact Tracy at the centre by either calling or email.

Tel: +44 (0)8707 775111


Instructor Application Form (PDF)

Instructor Application Form (DOC)

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""Please accept a HUGE thank-you from my Husband and I for giving Sam a week that he will always remember and that we can honestly see, has already helped him grow and develop.""
Helen Oliver, Parent Queen Elizabeth Grammer School